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Mon. June 12

2.4 – Summit SS10: finish the worksheets on advertisements. Work on your photojournals.

2.3 – SS9: no homework.

2.2 – Summit SS9: work on your photojournals.  Test on June 20: 55 MC, 10 fill in the blanks, 1 long answer (70 marks total).

2.1 – Summit SS8: test next class. You can bring a cheatsheet and the review package. Combination of MC and short answer.

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Fri. June 9

1B – SS9: take home test due Tuesday, along with the Battle of the Routes worksheet.

1A – SS8: prepare your cheat sheet for your test on Navigators and Arrival in Canada (chapter 8 in Pathways and in Crossroads) Thursday.

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Tues. June 6

2.4 – Summit SS10: welcome back!  Take home test due next Monday, photojournals due next Friday.  Reminder: you’ll have an extra block of English in 2.4 Thursday the 8th and Friday the 16th.

2.3 – SS9: finish p. 173 #1-4 with a partner.

2.2 – Summit SS9: take home test due next Monday!

2.1 – Summit SS8: projects are due next class!