Thurs. April 12

2.1 – Summit SS8: today, we discussed the Protestant Reformation.  Here is a chart for you to fill into your notes package.


2.2 – Summit SS9: thank you to the HBC and NWC groups for teaching today.  For homework, complete the table in the handout, and complete the letter to either the HBC or NWC headquarters from the point of view of one of the four roles listed.  The pages you need are 126-130 in Horizons.

2.4 – Summit SS10: we will continue the movies on Wednesday.  In the meantime, your presentations will all be done on Monday.  If you have a PowerPoint or Prezi, please share it with me beforehand so that I can load them up.


Tues. April 10

2.1 – Summit SS8: next class, we will sum up the Da Vinci Code and start discussing the Protestant Reformation.

2.2 – Summit SS9: today was your last in-class work period.  Next class, we start with the HBC and NWC groups.

2.4 – Summit SS10: your presentations will take place next Monday.  We’ll start watching the movies next class and continue with them next Wednesday.

Mon. April 9

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: thanks for your presentations today.  Some of the whiteboards are below.  For FRIDAY, please come up with a list of 10 questions that you would use in an interview to gain more insight into the Holocaust.  Next class, we’ll watch the first part of Schindler’s List.