Thurs. June 22

School is out!  Have a relaxing, enjoyable, and fun summer!


Mon. May 8

All classes: check out this Vancouver Sun article about Student Vote!

Homework: watch some election coverage on TV or online on a Global BC, CTV Vancouver, or CBC Vancouver, starting at 8PM!

Reminder: Election Scrapbooks are due Tuesday, May 16.

2.4 – Summit SS10: vocab quiz next class. We will talk about the election results and work on our BC maps.

2.3 – SS9 and 2.2 – Summit SS9: no homework except election stuff (watch TV and scrapbook).

2.1 – Summit SS8: finish the last question regarding the terms on the note package.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody!  In case you all forgot what is going to happen on your first day back with me, here it is…

Tuesday is a Day 1 (I’ll be at DT).

1B – SS9: You will be introduced to a Industrial Revolution inventions project.

1A – SS8: We will discuss some issues that the Church was experiencing during the Middle Ages and what resulted from it.

Wednesday is a Day 2 (I’ll be at VT) and it’s a collab day.

2.2 – Summit SS9: We will talk about child labour during the Industrial Revolution and I’ll introduce you to a mini-project on it.

2.1 – Summit SS8: We will have a discussion about the movie and talk about an important symbol for nobility during the Middle Ages.

2.4 – Summit SS10: I’ll lecture for half the class about Upper Canada (and Lower Canada if I have time) and you’ll have the other half to work on your projects.  A reminder that the project is due on Tuesday, January 10.

2.3 – SS9: Mahto, Bhavanjit, Mahto, Mel, and Nazanin will present their Industrial Revolution inventions.

One more day until school starts up again! Enjoy your last day off.