Fri. May 25

1.1 and 1.3 – SS9: keep thinking about how you’re going to answer this question: “Was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor?”  We will continue exploring it next class.  This multi-paragraph write is due Thursday, May 31.  Your New Home Project is due Monday, June 4.


Thurs. May 17

1.1 and 1.3 – SS9: thank you for your colony presentations.  With our new knowledge of how and why the Dominion of Canada was formed with the first four provinces, we can go into the long weekend relaxed and ready for our field trip to Fort Langley!

Reminders: meet on Penticton Street Wednesday at 8:45AM.  DO NOT BE LATE.  Dress for the weather.  Bring lunch, snacks, and water.  We will be back at the school at 2:45PM.

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: have a wonderful trip!  Enjoy the Big Apple.

Tues. May 15

1.1 and 1.3 – SS9: you will have 10 minutes next class to prepare for your colony perspective presentations before all 6 groups go.  Don’t forget to bring in your field trip forms and money!

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: we will finish “An Inconvenient Truth” next class.  A reminder that if you want to qualify for the bonus, your Holocaust project is due as well.  Otherwise, it is due Mon. June 4.

Fri. May 11

1.1 and 1.3 – SS9: the new due date for the project is Thursday, May 31.

Today, we talked about the reasons why citizens of Upper and Lower Canada wanted change in government and how it lead to the events of the Upper and Lower Canada rebellions, culminating with the Durham Report and examples of democracy and responsible government.  Next class, we will look at how this leads to the formation of our country: Confederation.

Get your field trip forms and money in!

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: we looked at 10 different issues plaguing our environment and way of living.  Please finish off your charts AND the question set for the topic of your choice.  These are due Tuesday.

Don’t forget to meet in the auditorium Monday for the Human Rights Symposium, armed with snacks, water, and questions.  It’ll last all the way until 3rd block.

Mon. May 7

1.1 – SS9: copy the fill in the blank notes from my Powerpoint for the section on the Immigrant Experience here.  Next class, you will be working on your projects.

1.3 – SS9: next class, you will be working on your projects.

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: today, we had a crash course on demographics, the Demographic Transition Model, and Population Pyramids.  You will have all of Wednesday’s class to work on the population pyramid assignment.  It is due Friday.

Thurs. May 3

1.1 – SS9: Fill in your notes up until the Immigrant Experience.  There will be an OPEN NOTE QUIZ next class to verify that you completed your homework.  Use p. 57 of the HORIZONS textbook to do the map.  Here is my Powerpoint. Next class, you will start project work.

1.3 – SS9: next class, you will have time to start your projects.

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: if you haven’t submitted your interview questions for the Holocaust projects, or your notes for the PM debate, please do so ASAP.

Tues. May 1

1.1 and 1.3 – SS9: In one paragraph, please answer the following question using what you saw in the video and/or using the Crossroads textbook on p. 320-323: “What role did Chief Tecumseh play in the War of 1812?”

1.4 – Flex Hum 10: thanks for the fun debate today.  Next class, we will talk about multiculturalism in Canada.