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Wed. June 21

1B – SS9: if you would like to see your test marks and final grades, come visit me on Day 1 afternoons in 228.

Best of luck to you all.  Enjoy your summer and work hard next year!  If you see me around and about, don’t be shy and come say hi!  I will miss being at David Thompson.  It’s a great school because of the people who are there.  Keep it a great place to be at!

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Tues. June 20

2.4 – Summit SS10: congrats!  You’re all done with SS10!

2.3 – SS9: chapter 5 and 6 test next class! 100 MC, 10 fill in the blank.  Good luck!

2.2 – Summit SS9: congrats!  You’re all done with SS9!

2.1 – Summit SS8: we will continue with the movie to finish off the year.


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Fri. June 16

2.4 – Summit SS10: test on chapter 6 (BC) and 7 (Laurier Era) next class!

2.3 – SS9: finish the 2 worksheets.  Start prepping your cheatsheet for the test next Thursday.

For those of you who are behind and need to submit election worksheets:

Here is the list:

  • Activity Sheet 1.4: How Should We Decide
  • Activity Sheet 3.1: Government in Canada
  • Activity Sheet 5.1: Where Are You on the Political Spectrum?
  • Activity Sheet 5.3: Evaluating Provincial Issues
  • Activity Sheet 5.4: Understanding the Issues
  • Activity Sheet 6.2: Getting to Know the Parties
  • Activity Sheet 8.1: Preparing to Vote

If you are missing any sheets, check here.

2.2 – Summit SS9: test on chapter 5 (the Prairies) next class!

2.1 – Summit SS8: sit back and relax…because you’re done SS8!

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Wed. June 14

2.4 – Summit SS10: photo journals are due next class, but remember, you have English first period and no class with me Friday.

2.3 – SS9: no homework!

2.2 – Summit SS9: photo journals are due next class, but remember, you’ll be at Kits Beach when our class is scheduled, so hand it in beforehand!

2.1 – Summit SS8: congrats!  You’ve completed and passed Social Studies 8!  Take the week off to prepare for your other exams.  We will watch a movie to end the school year next week.