Thurs. May 11

Election scrapbook and all election worksheets are due Monday!

Here are the worksheets:

  • Activity Sheet 1.4: How Should We Decide
  • Activity Sheet 3.1: Government in Canada
  • Activity Sheet 5.1: Where Are You on the Political Spectrum?
  • Activity Sheet 5.3: Evaluating Provincial Issues
  • Activity Sheet 5.4: Understanding the Issues
  • Activity Sheet 6.2: Getting to Know the Parties
  • Activity Sheet 8.1: Preparing to Vote

If you are missing any sheets, check here.

1B – SS9: finish the LM4.7 on the Confederation Debate.

1A – SS8: finish the bottom of the notes sheet with the last few remaining terms and how they are related to each other.  You should read p. 349-352 in your text.


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