Mon. Jan. 23

1B – SS9: no homework, but please bring pencil crayons or felt markers next class.

1A – SS8: Black Death materials:

Link to interactive map:

Link to medieval trade routes map:

Another map to use for question 1 of the worksheet:


Questions for homework.  Predict the following:

  1. rules and regulations governing such matters as sanitation and the conduct of business?
  2. hospitals and medical knowledge?
  3. attitude of the working class toward the ruling class? The ruling class toward the working class?
  4. population in cities versus population in rural areas? (Though proximity may have led to greater mortality in cities, the period after the plague saw a movement of people from the country to the city.)
  5. labor supply? What happens to wages when there are less people to do work people want done?
  6. land usage and food supply? Before the plague there had been insufficient land to produce enough food for the population, leading to famine. What will happen to the supply of food now, with more than enough land to farm?
  7. food prices? What happens to the price of food when there is less demand?
  8. price of goods? What happens to the price of goods when there is less demand, but also fewer people to create the goods?

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