Fri. Jan. 20

2.1 and 2.2 Summit SS8 and SS9: we will be working in the classroom next day (Tuesday).  make sure you bring all the materials necessary to be productive in class (grade 9’s: laptops/tablets. Grade 8’s: castle materials, etc)

2.4 Summit SS10: I wasn’t planning on being away all day so my sincerest apologies.  I hope the review game was fun and helped you with your studies.  The test will be Tuesday. 45 MC, 20 marks of short answer.  Study the notes and worksheets to do well.  To do REALLY well, read the textbook as well.  The short answer section will include a compare/contrast table, a diagram and a timeline (remember, I never ask you to memorize dates, only the sequence of events).

Lastly, the Lower Canada Rebellion comic will be due Thursday.

2.3 SS9: my apologies for being absent.  Next class, you will have 10 minutes to prepare your presentations before presenting your region.


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