Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody!  In case you all forgot what is going to happen on your first day back with me, here it is…

Tuesday is a Day 1 (I’ll be at DT).

1B – SS9: You will be introduced to a Industrial Revolution inventions project.

1A – SS8: We will discuss some issues that the Church was experiencing during the Middle Ages and what resulted from it.

Wednesday is a Day 2 (I’ll be at VT) and it’s a collab day.

2.2 – Summit SS9: We will talk about child labour during the Industrial Revolution and I’ll introduce you to a mini-project on it.

2.1 – Summit SS8: We will have a discussion about the movie and talk about an important symbol for nobility during the Middle Ages.

2.4 – Summit SS10: I’ll lecture for half the class about Upper Canada (and Lower Canada if I have time) and you’ll have the other half to work on your projects.  A reminder that the project is due on Tuesday, January 10.

2.3 – SS9: Mahto, Bhavanjit, Mahto, Mel, and Nazanin will present their Industrial Revolution inventions.

One more day until school starts up again! Enjoy your last day off.


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