Fri. Oct. 28

2.1 Summit SS8: Next class, you will have a one question test on Islam.  You may use your notes and worksheets (no textbook!)  With the test being just one question, you will be expected to piece together as much as you can of what you have learned throughout the unit.  The timeline is also due next class.

2.2 Summit SS9:

“Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes.”

We will finish the movie next class, at which point you will be introduced to an assignment involving France, Les Miserables, and the plight of the characters in the movie.

2.3 SS9: We have finished the Revolution!  Next class, we will work on a simulation of how government could have been in France.  Finish the worksheet package for Tuesday.

2.4 Summit SS10: You were introduced to demography today.  Next class, bring your felts and/or pencil crayons, as we will do a quick mini-project on population pyramids.  Finish the demography package for Tuesday.

Happy Hallowe’en!  Be safe.


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