Tues. Oct. 11

2.1 Summit SS8: Thanks to the first three groups who presented today.  You provided the class with lots of good information about your topics!

Next class, the last three groups will go.  Reflections are due on Monday.

2.2 Summit SS9 and 2.3 SS9: Today, we learned about Queen Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, and Oliver Cromwell, and how each of the four had their issues with Parliament.  We continue next day with the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in Britain, the system by which we are governed here in Canada.

For homework due Thursday: Summit students need to finish p. 540 #19, 20, and my assigned questions.  Regular SS9 students need to finish p. 28 #2,4; p. 35 #1,4; p. 42 #2,3.

For those of you who have still not completed your Student Profiles, the link is here.

Extra: for those of you confused about “Great Britain” vs. “United Kingdom” vs. “England” vs. “British Isles,” check out this link.

British Isles
Venn Diagram Map created by Anna Debenham

2.4 Summit SS10: We finally finished the Five Themes today and worked on our Natural Regions maps.  We will review the Five Themes next class, and talk about Canada’s climatic regions and environment repercussions.

There will be a quiz Monday on the Five Themes.


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