Tues. Oct. 4

2.1 Summit SS8: Today, I introduced the World Religions project that you will be working on on Thursday.  Don’t forget, presentations will start next Tuesday!  Meet in Room 223 on Thursday.

2.2 Summt SS9: Wow. What an awesome debate we had on the type of government that you think works best.  Both sides had really good arguments and counter-arguments.  We will definitely be debating again!

Next class, please remember to bring pencil crayons or felt pens, as we will be working on a map of Great Britain.

2.3 SS9: I hope you all gained a new perspective of what life was like in England in the 17th century.  For the majority of the population, it was a very difficult life to live!

Next class, we will be sharing what our lives were like with members of the other 2 classes to further our understanding of what life was like for the different classes of people in England.

Please remember to bring pencil crayons or felt pens as well.

2.4 Summit SS10: Awesome job on your mental maps of Canada.  I will proudly display them in the classroom!

Today, we had just enough time to cover the first of the five themes of geography: location (absolute and relative).  Try putting location into your thoughts as you travel from your home to school, and to where ever else you need to go today.

Next class, we will continue exploring the remaining four themes.


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