Wed. July 18

WWI Test tomorrow! 10 T/F, 10 matching, 30 MC, 4 short answer, 1 essay.  Possible essay topics:

  • Canada’s growing maturity
  • the use of technology and how it influenced WWI
  • the increasing roles of women

Unit 3 (Inter War years) exercises 3-7 are due Friday.


Mon. July 16

You will all get about 45 minutes tomorrow to put the finishing touches on your presentations before we start presenting.  The quiz will be on the notes we took today.  Also, you’ll need to complete exercises 8 and 9 on Trench Warfare and Techology.

Test on Wednesday!

Mon. July 9

Woohoo!  We are finished the government unit!  Just complete Exercises #11-15 and you’re done!  Don’t forget the unit test is Wednesday.  You may use the special paper as a cheat sheet, but everything on it must be handwritten (no photocopies, no computer print outs).